I have never been a big fan of putting little babes on routines, I know eventually you have to, but with Damian being so young I more so follow his lead. If he is hungry he eats, tired he sleeps and playful he plays. However, I have noticed that I am in serious need of a routine. It is so easy to get used to just lounging around the house and not doing anything so I am really trying to get myself on a routine!

A few days ago I decided I was going to get myself on a routine that follows along with what Damian's needs are. He usually naps and eats at around the same time everyday, with that being said I knew I would have to still be very broad with my routine as his routine could change daily at this age!

First thing first when we wake up, he eats, and we play for a bit and then I pump and eat (if I didn't wake up earlier enough to eat before he wakes up). Next I give him a bath, dry him all up and get him dressed for the day. 

After that we go for a nice walk which is usually right around his nap time, we wander down to the nearest Starbucks where I grab a coffee and read a book while he naps. By the time we get back Damian is up and hungry. Once he is all fed and happy, I put him down with some tummy time while I pump and eat lunch. 

Once I am all finished up lunch we read a few stories and then play on the floor. He is at such a fun age where he wants to interact and play with me. We practice standing, and he tries to get up on his knees and crawl,  then it usually ends with some tummy time and some food which is followed by a nap. 

During this nap, I have been trying to wash bottles, clean up my house, pump and get some work calls and emails done. This does not always happen and I am so grateful for a business partner who picks up the slack when I just can't get to things. 

The rest of the day is a lot more laid back, we visit my in-laws, cuddle, play and we always get a skype visit in with my husband. Usually Damian goes to sleep at about 9pm and sleeps until 8am. I have to stay up a later so that I can pump at 11:30, although I have been trying to nap from 9-11 and then wake up to pump and then go back to sleep so that I am as refreshed as possible for the next day. 

There are of course days that we have mom groups or outings, but they usually fall around 10am which is when he goes down for his first nap so he just doesn't know we left the house. haha. 

What does your daily routine look like? Do you have one? 

Raelene JohnComment