As I wrote the title for this post, I felt it was a little untrue, as I did not technically birth my little guy. I actually was not even going to share my labour-ish (???) experience because I was not exactly sure if it really was a birth story. Then I realized that I was falling into the idea that just because I had to have c-section instead of a natural birth that I had coped out or took the easy route. But lets be serious, having a very invasive surgery is not exactly easy. Also its a little long, sorry :/

So here I go...

My water broke early Monday morning, the only reason I even realized was because the fluid was not the right colour, it must have broken during the night and I hadn't even realized. It really is true that labour does not look like it does in the movies. Josiah was out of town, he was due back the following evening, so I called the hospital and they told me take a shower, eat something and then come right in. So I got myself fed and showered (did my make-up haha) and drove the two minutes up the street to the hospital. I really didn't think my water had actually broken, I felt no contractions, no pain at all and was certain it was a false call.

As I got to the hospital, I paid for an hour of parking (I seriously didn't think I was in labour) and headed up to the maternity ward. As I was waiting for a doctor to confirm if my water had broken or not I texted my bestie as she was in the hospital for her weekly pre-natal check up and asked her to put some more parking on my car as it was taking longer than I had thought. She then joined me in the exam room and we chatted and joked around. The doctor finally came in and said that my water had indeed broken and that I would have to be induced. This of course stressed me out as Josiah WAS NOT HOME! Alysha let him know what was happening and his boss had him packed up and booked on a flight within the hour. 

The plan was for me to come back in four hours (so 4:30pm) and that I would be induced at that point. Alysha and I went back to my place, cleaned my house and made some food to take to the hospital for Josiah to eat. We headed back to the hospital for 4:30 to find out that there was no rooms and that they were diverting to other hospitals. I really did not want to be at any other hospital and was feeling very anxious. My fantastic doctor was able to talk to a few other medical professionals and they decided to let me wait the full 24 hours that you can wait after your water breaks so that I could be at Langley Hospital and also so that Josiah would be home when I had to be induced. They told me to check for fevers and rest as much as I could.

That evening I picked Josiah up from the airport, we went for dinner, ran some errands, double checked our luggage for the 20th time and just as I was heading to bed I checked my fever, and I had one. So into the hospital we went at midnight, just to find out that my thermometer was off and I did not have a fever, I still was not having an signs of labour either so they sent me home. When we got home I hoped in the shower and bang - CONTRACTIONS - 

I called the hospital and they brought me back in because I not only had contractions, but so bad all of the sudden that I could barely stand. I left my nicely planned going to the hospital outfit on the bed as Josiah helped me into the car in a nightgown with my hair bunched in a bun at the very front of my head (nice look right?) 

From that moment on I feel like everything was a blur, I remember saying yes give me morphine, I apparently made a few "Screw you Eve" comments and then fell asleep for a few hours. The next morning they moved us into our room (the lovely nurses let us sleep in the exam room even though our room was ready since Josiah had been up for 24 hours and I was peacefully sleeping). After that I was induced, attached to a few machines and nothing was consistently happening, I would get some contractions and then they would go away for an hour or so and then come back. I did opt for an epidural as you can't move and be in a hot shower while you are being induced. Throughout the day Josiah was able to nap while I laughed and talked with the nurse, still nothing was happening, hardly any contractions and barely dilated and Damian went into distress. Josiah had left to get me apple juice and came back to a room full of doctors and nurses and me with an oxygen mask. They were able to track his heart beat and he was no longer in distress so they wanted to see if it would be possible for me to give birth. Every two hours a doctor would come in and look at my chart and ask how i was doing. And honestly, I was not doing well. The downside of not really going into full labour and feeling all the contractions was i was just focused on what the outcome would be. Would I give birth? Would I have a c-section? My anxiety began getting bad and they had to give me anxiety medicine and it really just went down hill from there. At about 10pm on the Tuesday - after being induced twice, they asked if I was okay with having a c-section. I said yes, I was just mentally finished. 

On Wednesday June 22nd at 2:49am (his actual due date) our little man Damian Rolando John joined us in the world. Our plan of action of having a natural birth, being home within two days did not happen. But our lives changed forever and I no longer feel like my birth story was not really a birth story because Damian was born safe and healthy and I was safe and healthy too.

Every baby has a different journey in joining us, it does not mean that either way is better - it is just whatever way leaves a healthy mom and babe. 

I am so grateful that my husband captured photos of him when he first arrived - Im so happy that he documented the first few hours with our babe!

Raelene John