I had SUCH A HARD TIME choosing which of Damian's newborn photos to share. Madison from MandHim did such an amazing job. I had originally had a fairly thought out plan of exactly how I wanted my house to look, where I was going to put flowers and my house would just be so perfectly clean... AND THEN I CAME HOME WITH A NEWBORN. NUFF SAID. 

When Madison arrived, she moved furniture around, used a swaddle blanket as a background and made the vision I had for our first family shoot come to life all while I was chilling on a kitchen chair. I am so grateful to have a friend with such creativity and who always manages to get the best photos for me!

This photo will always make me laugh. Josiah had put vaseline in Damian's very straight hair to try and style it, and it went a little sideways. The little guy got my fine, super straight hair over Josiah's curls and vaseline just turned it to grease. We were quickly trying to make his hair not look greasy haha. 

I cannot believe he was only eight days old. Look at that little yawn.

When I saw this swaddle on Modern Burlaps instagram I fell in love. I am always looking for the next trip to go on or restaurant to try, any adventure that will get me out and about. When I found out I was expecting I knew that raising my babe would be the greatest adventure I ever embarked on. I ordered it right away and placed it above the cradle that our Pastors gave us! 

This photo melts my heart. Watching Josiah become a father has been the most amazing feeling. Also, he is just an incredible dad. 

 I pray he is always willing to give his mama some cuddles.

I think we spend half of our day just staring at him. 






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