Happy Wednesday! Once a week (every wednesday) I will be sharing a bit about Damian's wardrobe! I am so lucky to have the most adorable baby and kids boutique close to home called Watermelon Tree! Not only is it full of the cutest items, but the ladies that run the store are just amazing :) They carry so many of the brands I love and have introduced me to a few that I had never heard of.  

I love keeping Damian's wardrobe neutral. I love being able to grab anything and create an out outfit in seconds. I mean mom life is hard enough without struggling to keep our kids stylish!

As much as I love for Damian to look stylish and cute, I never want it to come at a cost of how well he can move. My old preschool teacher brain is always going when I am looking at clothes, making sure that what he is wearing allows him to move and won't hold back any gross motor developments is really important to me!

I am so in love with this toque! It has the most perfect hem that allows me to roll it or unroll it so that it fits for a longer period of time! And it looks so cute either way...

What are some of your favourite small shop brands?

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