Happy Wednesday everybody! It was finally sunny for an entire day so I thought it was the perfect day for a little spring style post! Although I hear its suppose to rain today...


I loved the look of this Romper, but I am always hesitant at one pieces while Damian is in diapers! So many of the rompers out there right now don't have buttons for easy diaper changing so I refrain from buying them! This Noppies romper that Melissa from Watermelon Tree dropped off has snaps! And its adorable too!

I am also loving the "shark" sandals from Saltwater Sandals, they are so cute! We don't have too much brown in our wardrobe, but so far these sandals have gone with the few spring outfits he has been able to wear. And once he gets walking the have such a nice sole and are meant for exploring and the washing machine (insert praise emoji here).

My child believes that sunglasses are for chewing, not wearing. We're working on that...

One of the things that I find hard about rompers is often they are too wide for Damian's lean body. This romper was nice and thin, its the perfect romper if you have a lean babe too! All his rolls are disappearing, its so darn sad. He does still have a couple in his thighs that I wish would stay forever! 

This outfit was provided by Watermelon Tree, but I truly love all the pieces! I was able to choose which sandals I wanted for Damian and the romper was such perfect pick by the ladies at Watermelon Tree :)

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