A couple weeks back (this post is a little late) we went on a double date to Enchant with our friends Madison and Dave and it was so magical! I love doing Christmas-y things, Im pretty sure it drives my husband crazy. All he hears starting in October is what lights I want to see at Christmas haha! As soon as I heard about Enchant, I knew that I was going! 

Whenever I try new things, I am always a bit worried that I will be disappointed, I have high expectations people. BUT I wasn't at all! It was so much fun! 

Disclaimer. I do not think we found all the reindeer, I was too busy looking at the lights to really count! 

If you follow my instagram, you probably know that I love my beluga wrap. There were people who had their strollers with them, but I really hate bringing my stroller around and really prefer to wear Damian. Although, this night his diaper leaked, and well, naturally we both got a little damp.

I'm laughing because this is while he is peeing on me...

I spy Rudolph! Also, they had fake snowing blowing about! 

There was also lots of fun things in the market and I am a fan of any event that has food trucks! I like good food choices! The only lame part was that we were told you can't take food/drinks into the maze, but there was no sign. Luckily I passed on a coffee or else I would have been super disappointed! 

You can pre-buy your tickets here.



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