Anybody else completely forget that Family Day exists? This new holiday always comes up as a surprise for us! This year we celebrated a bit early since Josiah is going is out of town for work! After our fancy date night out, we need a budget conscious family day out of the house. We packed up the diaper bag and took a short drive out to Abbotsford! 

We were so hungry so we stopped at Phuket Thai for lunch - there is something about pad thai that makes me feel so cozy on a snowy day. We had originally headed down for some Duft & Co, but due to the crappy weather we have been having, they were closed. 

After eating lunch, we headed over to Old Hand Coffee for a scone and a cappuccino, Old Hand is one of my favourite coffee shops, the staff are always so lovely and I mean they have blueberry scones with earl grey glaze so you really can't have any complaints...

Of course, we stopped to take few photos with Damian because just look at the face..

I love just wandering around some of the cute neighbourhoods around where we leave with a cup of coffee and my little family! Some of other favourite Fraser Valley walks are Crescent Beach and Fort Langley :) 

What is your favourite family date day activity? 

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