A couple weeks ago Josiah, Damian and I hopped in the car in search of palm trees and sunshine. Of course, that search lands you in California ( one of my favourite places )! Damian was such a champ, we drove through the night to San Francisco and he DID SO WELL! 

Here are some adorable photos of Damian while we were in San Francisco :)

With so much driving in such a short period of time. Damian really needed to let go and play for a bit, he was so drawn to these flowers and would have played for hours if we let him. 

At times this little ham just needed out of his stroller, so cuddles on the street just need to happen :)

We wondered through the streets of San Fran from the Fisherman's Wharf to China Town and into Little Italy and back down to the Wharf. Anybody else just love wandering while they travel? I try to not plan to much and just enjoy whatever we find. We stumbled upon some dam good tacos, which always makes my heart happy!

Of course, if there is a good mural, i can't help but stick Damian in front of it for some photos :)

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