Whenever I mentioned that we were heading to Las Vegas with Damian, people would ask "what are you going to do with a kid in Vegas?" Now if you know Josiah and I well, you know we aren't into gambling or partying so our vacation with Damian was about the same as when we have gone without him! 

Anyways, I thought I would share a couple of pictures from our vacation :)

One of the first things that I do is pack our hotel room full of snacks! I hate getting hungry and having to leave to buy over-priced snacks. 


Just off of Fremont Street or 'Old Vegas' there is this little place called Container City, it is a bunch of restaurants and small local shops all situated in seacan containers. They have the best park that has misters going all day long! Damian played for almost two hours.

I could literally walk through the Bellagio for days... The amount of work that goes into their gardens is just AMAZING!

Right behind New York, New York is a an area called 'The Park' it was great to let Damian roam freely and play with some rocks and plants! 

Damian also started walking so well while we were on holidays! He would get out of his stroller and just start walking away! Our baby boy is not so much of a baby anymore :(