Life has been so FUN lately, Damian's personality is really shining through and I can see glimpses of myself and my husband is his reactions, mannerisms and temperament. I really have been having so much fun, but this fun new stage has really cut into how much time I have set aside to get work done. The Bright Lights ( the event planning business I co-own) has been quite busy lately and trying to work and have a creative outlet on the side has been such a struggle. I am so blessed that I have family and friends who are more than willing to step in and hang out with Damian so that I can work and be productive!

That #momguilt has been shining through on me lately though. With Josiah out of town a lot of the time, and business picking up, I feel really guilty leaving him to go and work or even just trying to get work from home when he is awake. I know that he is with people who love him and want the best for him, but I always feel like he should just be with his mama. The mix of joy and struggle that this new stage in our life has brought me both tears of happiness and tears of feeling overwhelmed. Anybody else know what I'm talking about?!?!

THE JOYS - Damian has really started following our voices around the house and will scoot in circles on his tummy trying to figure out where we went in our house, it is honestly so adorable. Whenever I come down the stairs or around a corner he grins so big and lifts his head up as high as he can and it just melts my heart. He has started really enjoying his toys and smiles and reaches for them and we can really see which toys he prefers. HE LOVES anything that he can scratch, like our couch, his diaper, those fabric books! He has also fallen in love with his feet, I am pretty sure they are his favourite toy, he will just grab them and squeal so loud! He has also recently learned how to hold his own bottle, he looks like such a big boy that it brings tears to my eyes.

THE STRUGGLES - WORKOH GOSH, I know so many mamas who looked like they effortlessly got back to the small business after having babies and seemed to just keep going, but it hasn't been quite the same for me. I feel like my house has never been messier, Damian seems to always be crying for attention, and my phone is always buzzing with emails! This week I am really trying to schedule in work hours, while Damian is with my mother in law, and allow time for just the two of us, where maybe the dishes just don't get done until he goes down for a nap. I love having a business, being a mom and wife and a hostess and a volunteer, but I am really learning which things I need to maintain, my priorities and which things I need to let go of and let somebody who has eager hands and the time to excel at it to take things off my plate.

I also had the idea of how I would just capture all of his little moments in photographs, it can't be that hard right? Hah. You may notice that my posts are short on the photos and that would be because I seem to never catch those adorable moments! Its something I am really going to focus on, I don't want to regret not having physical memories of all of his adorable cuteness.

MAMAS I challenge you to see where life is stressing you out this week and to see what small things you can do to relieve some of the stress. Don't be afraid to call on family on friends... from my experience they really do want to help! The fact is being a parent, a wife and worker  is not always easy, BUT it is so rewarding. I would love to hear how your journey of motherhood is going - comment below!


Thanks to Madison from M&Him for capturing some moments on my phone!

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