Warning: There is a lot more words than photos today.

I fell in love with the blogging community when I started on instagram. I was  late on the band wagon for it, ( I was also late to snap chat, and I am sure whatever is next I'll be late on as well). ANYHOW, what I loved about reading various blogs was how encouraged I was to be creative, try new things, branch out and often just felt encouraged to be myself. 

About a year and half ago one of my closest friends and I were going to start a blog, we did SO MUCH planning and leg work and then I found I was expecting and I could no longer wrap my head around it anymore. I had a business, I was working part time at Starbucks, was planning a trip to Europe and in my spare time my mind was overtaken by baby. I was so sad to admit that I just couldn't do it. As my pregnancy progressed I felt such an urge to begin a family/mom blog. I talked to a few of my friends to decide on a name. ( I was indecisive on Raelene John or We Are The Johns) I was actually planning on beginning this before Damian came but my pregnancy completely wiped me out, my couch was my BFF for 8 months. 

My heart behind starting a family blog was that there are so many people on the same journey, raising our children while working, being a wife or husband and it can become so overwhelming. I wanted to create a space where I can share my ideas, things I found successful and the big bloopers and fails of my new life. There will be some deep real talk and there will be some tips on getting your make-up done while your babe is screaming.

 I hope that my blog challenges me to keep doing the things that I love throughout my new role as a mom and the change in the role of being a wife that it has made. My hope is that whenever you're done reading a post that you will feel encouraged, loved and sometimes challenged in your walk through parenthood. 

Comment below if there is anything you want me to post on! 

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