As I am sure most people know, even those who don't watch Gilmore Girl's, that the Life In A Year episodes came out last Friday :) I have watched season 1 - 7 I don't even know how many times and have maybe taken a few too many life lessons from them. Poptarts are always in the cupboard, donuts are a must. Is extra fries a question? Because I thought that was just mandatory. Also, no such thing as too much coffee. 

Once the release date was set, I sent a message to my other Gilmore Girl loving friends and we planned a date to watch it! I wanted to plan a Gilmore Girl's Party that was fun, but also simple. As an event planner, my mind starts going a little crazy and I need to bring myself back down sometimes! 

First things first, was the food. We need lots of it and lots of kinds. I had a few different ideas like creating Al's International Grab Bag for each guest, buying chinese food and switching them over to the cool looking cartons (also, why doesn't chinese food come in those cool cartons?) I settled on the following!

  • Poptarts
  • Donuts 
  • Licorice 
  • Rocky Road Cookies (home made by Alysha)
  • Diner style Burgers and fries from White Spot
  • Tatter Tots


I also ordered a Lorelai Gilmore quote from Sunshine Ink that says "I Am Kayak Hear Me Roar" 

The nice things about ordering a print, is that it is now decor in my new home! Get your custom print here.

Now of course we needed coffee and some form of alcohol, so Mads brought the ingredients for "The Rory" and we sipped on drinks that really do taste pink (and delicious)! 

I had such a fun night eating, sipping on coffee and "The Rory" with my friends. My goal was to plan a party that was fun, but also really simple! I think it was achieved! 

Thanks to Madison for capturing the photos!

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