We had so much fun doing a photo shoot with Erin at The Fernridge Christmas Tree Farm. She was so easy to work with and I am just in love with her style! 

Damian did such a good job looking right at that camera! 

It is so hard to believe that our little guy is already six months old. His personality is showing so much! He loves to give kisses and pull hair, he is all about chewing on the tags of things; pillows, clothing, his toys. I'm not sure what is so amazing about it... but he loves to chew on them. 

He is really starting to recognize people that he knows, Damian gets so excited to see his BFF Hudson (my bestie's son). He grabs his face and gives him kisses and he really seems to know that they know each other.

Damian has also started army crawling, which means our Christmas presents are not as safe as I thought they would be this year. Luckily we don't put ornaments on our tree, but he has ripped some candy canes off of presents! 

This little guy just melts our heart. AND THE BEST THING EVER! Josiah is home until mid January so this little family of three will be altogether all month long! I am just a little excited!! 

Merry Christmas everybody and thanks for following along on my little blog journey! 

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