Whenever I mention that Josiah works out of town for work and that I co-run a business and have a start-up blog, the first statement or questions I get is "how do you do it all?" The answer is, the same as everybody else. My struggles look different than other people's, we pay a lot more babysitting costs than the average family and I lean on my community to help me out. 

I am not going to lie, it is really hard to try and send emails, reply to clients in a timely manner, attend consults, be a good mom, clean my house and write blog posts. There are days when I eat McDonalds twice because I didn't have time to pack a lunch and my meeting ran well into dinner, I think I am often washing clean clothes because I left them so long in the laundry hamper that they are so wrinkled I might as well throw them through again! My bathroom, guys ugh. SO BAD. The sink is literally my foundation colour from washing my face.

I think the thing about being a #mompreneur (and a parent in general) is that it is all give and take. Its all a balancing act. Somedays I sit down for a quick cry because Im just so overwhelmed, but then there are those days when everything seems to come together and I get a whole day with Josiah and Damian and I dream big and think about all the things I want to do and see in the world and everything seem so worth it. The nasty bathroom doesn't seem so nasty and the fact that Damian wants to live on my hip seems like the sweetest thing in the world.

Of course, there are some logistics I try to use to make my life a bit easier! I do (kinda) have a weekly schedule! I have specific blog days and specific event planning days, they do tend to mush, but I do my best! I have even started setting aside days to be with Damian! Of course, I still have to sneak away and reply to emails, but I try to do it during his naps! 

I feel like life is just a balancing act, we are all doing it, just in different ways. So I guess my answer to the question of how I do it all is just that mostly I don't know. I try and prioritize, I cry and laugh, I pray friends will feed me dinner and I know that God has a calling for my life, that He has given me talents and gifts and that as I use what He has given me, it will all work out, even if it is not the way I thought it would. 

Sorry for the rambling folks, but thanks for reading and sharing my life's experiences with me <3

Thanks to Madison for taking these family photos on our double date day!

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