Our little world has changed a bit in the last few weeks. Josiah and I have had to make a decision that really hurt my heart so that I could spend more time at home with Damain. I have to take a bit of a step back from working and It was hard for me to take because it was not how I envisioned motherhood. I had this whole picture of Damian just being fine with me not having a solid schedule, working long days sometimes and having meeting throughout the week. *SHOCKER* Kids don't always do what you want them to.

I honestly never really thought too much about contentment, until a friend shared with me what she has been teaching her son. I thought what she was teaching him what such an amazing lesson for children. haha. AND MAYBE ADULTS TOO ;) She has been teaching him to be content and grateful for what he has and not be too focused on what other things he could have or having 'better' things. A life lesson I was in need of.  

I have always lived a bit in the future, we know what we want things to look like and we've worked pretty hard to try to achieve things. All the sudden, we are not sure what things will look like, and I really hate that. For the most part we've always been happy, but what I have learned about myself is that I am not very good at being content. 

In this stage of life I am learning to be not only happy, but content with where we are at. Life looks different for us now. I may not be able to travel the way we once did, or get out to buy a new shirt whenever. BUT I am learning to really enjoy all the little moments, the cuddles during nap time, taking our time eating breakfast in the morning and the walk to the park we take everyday now. Learning to be content with the stage that we are at in life is a really difficult task, but I am learning to enjoy today and take in all the little moments with my son. I'm learning to love being a mom in a way I have not experienced until now and slowly, but surely, it is teaching me to just be content in the moment. 

Thanks for following along with out little journey <3

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