Oh hey y'all! Welcome back to my budgeting series! Today is a bit of a funny/serious talk about sorting through a budget in a marriage. Cause lets be serious, everybody has different goals, priorities and habits. Then we get married and WHAT, finances are just suppose to magically fall into place? I don't think so...

I feel super blessed that through our pre-marital counselling we did discuss finances. We had to discuss who would be in charge of paying bills, how much one could spend without telling the other, and other helpful little details. It was so great to talk about all these details and it helped us navigate through the first year of marriage when we had to adjust our budget because, well we were a little naive. I remember thinking "we can't spend more than $150 without telling the other person." Well, at 21, Josiah was still an apprentice and I was working 20 hours at Starbucks and going to school. $150 IS A LOT OF MONEY! 

We were able to sit down and discuss where we were at, where we could make changes and continuously discuss what our goals were. Things will change over time and THATS A GOOD THING, you might have children or decide not to, you might decide to buy property, a franchise or have a parent stay at home full time. The biggest thing when financial planning in a marriage, is to have the hard talks and see where you're at and what you can do.

Now, as you have probably guessed. All of our money goes into one giant pot and we share everything. We do separate our spending money though, I like to spend my spending money on my nails, clothes, hair ect. While Josiah like to save his up to buy a new gun, he loves to sell things so that he can buy a newer version and so forth. We found the best way for us to not mix up that pot of money was to actually have a little account, within our regular bank account where Josiah could save his funds. I don't need one, I spend mine haha. Also, if you decide that you each getting an allotment of spending money each month, be kind about how your partner chooses to spend it. Josiah may not understand why I spend all mine, and I don't get why night vision is $2500. But its our own money to spend. 

Anyways, I just wanted to say, finances are hard, they are even harder when you are sharing them. Talk about it, whether its good or bad, hold each other accountable ( in a loving way ) and I really do believe that you can achieve your goals! 

Happy Friday everbody <3

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