I have been thinking about writing this post for a couple of weeks now, but time and exhaustion has got the better of me and I have learned to let it. I have been thinking of different titles for this blog, 'I hung up my Super Mom shirt' or 'I tucked my Super Mom shirt away' BUT the fact is that I straight up don't want it in my closet. I know often the title of Super Mom is meant as an encouragement or praise, but it was quite the opposite for me.

As most of us do, we had a vision of what life would be like when we had our babes. And like it does for almost everybody, our vision of what that life would look like often comes tumbling down. I feel like I have talked openly about my struggle figuring our how to still be me with this new role of mom. As a small business owner and a wannabe blogger, I felt I had to achieve so much and in turn my anxiety and stress took over my life and I was not finding joy in any of the things that I once loved doing. I was trying to do more than I could handle, and I was failing miserably at everything. BECAUSE I WAS COMPARING MYSELF TO OTHERS. I was looking at fellow moms through social media and wondering how they could get so much done with their kids home all day, how could they do it all? Different capacities, thats how. I have learned that its more than okay to say no. Because I'm not a super mom. I'm human.

I decided to let go of some big things in my life so that I could focus on being a mom. I have said a very sad goodbye to being an event planner, I have put my desire to vlog on hold and I am looking at my calendar before I agree to any events. When my small group leader asked if I could host at my place I said no. Because I don't have to be super mom. I just need to be the mom Damian needs. Damian needs me to cuddle him in the morning and to cuddle him at bedtime, he needs to me to HAPPILY take him to the park and actually play with him ;) He needs to go out and socialize because thats the kinda kid he is. He doesn't need me to blog four times a week and post on instagram three times a day. 

I'm not writing this to say that moms who do these things should not be doing them because it all comes down to what you can handle. I'm writing this because I feel like as moms we feel so pressured to bake for the bake sale, be helper in class, get our kids to all their activities, have a perfectly clean home, cook all the meals from scratch and not to mention make sure you take excellent photos of every thing your child does while figuring out a way to make a bit of side income OR be a working mom. Im writing this post to say be the mom your family needs, do whats best for you guys. It may come with some disappointment and heart ache, but take the time to enjoy the precious moments that we have with this babes because one day they won't want five more minutes of cuddling and one more bed time story.


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