I swore I would never live in Alberta. I LOVED living in the lower mainland. I loved the rain, the trees everywhere you looked, the ocean just 20 minutes away and the mountain view that was visible from almost everywhere. When Josiah was offered the job that had us move our life over to Calgary, I was excited for our new adventure. As much as I never wanted to live in the cold, I also yearned to live in city that was unfamiliar, that would require me to search for the best almond croissant, the best donut and coffee (note all things resolve around food haha). Calgary has not been the adventure I had pictured. Its a different lifestyle, a slower pace, we are both homesick for the familiarity of a church full of people we know, of our friendships, of our favourite restaurants and dammit I miss Lucky's donuts. 

Yet, there is a sense of peace I feel here. New dreams have been conjured up, new hopes for our family. We have learned how to be a family just the three of us, to rely on each other and spend countless hours together, just the three of us. Being in transition is truly the weirdest feeling for myself. No matter how our life plans changed before, our life always stayed safe and familiar. We didn't have to meet new people or leave our comfort zones. I've never been the girl who somebody invited to sit with them, because I always had people to sit with. This time of transition is humbling for me and opens my eyes to the lonely people in the world, because I've never felt that. I've never gone for coffee on my own because I don't have anybody to join me. 

I have also not had to lean on God for strength as often as I have in my time here. Parenting is HARD, and parenting with a husband gone half the time and the village that co-parented alongside me a province away has proved difficult. I have found strength inside of me that I wasn't aware of, I have learned how to be there for Damian and how to take a minute when tantrums are in full force because he actually had to run errands with me ( seriously, that village that we had spoiled him). 

As we continue on with this new adventure, I am SO READY to leave the feeling of transitioning to learning about this unfamiliar city, to joining a life group and making friends. I am ready to make this city feel just a homey as I once felt in my little Langley suburb, to enjoy the different scenery, and learn to appreciate the beauty of the rivers just like I did the ocean. And pray that if Josiah's job every has to re-locate us again, that it includes palm trees and good tacos ;)

xoxo, Rae