GUYS! I feel like summer is half way over already! Time is moving so quick, we're just doing our best to slow things down and spend more time at the beach haha. Anyways, Jessica from Feather and Mane is sharing about ethical, local & sustainable fashion for her babes. I have been loving reading all the ladies' posts about their children's wardrobes & I'm learning a few tricks and about new brands! Hope you guys are too!


1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am Jessica Kennedy, the second half of Feather and Mane. I am a Wife to my high school sweet heart and a mother to my two biological children and I am in the process of adopting two siblings from Haiti. (I don't like to forget them in my introductions) I never knew how passionate I was about motherhood until I entered it. My heart grew 10 times bigger and my empathy for my fellow "mothers in arms" became the center of how I want to spend my time and energy when I am not with my children. I am a creative soul and I find myself doodling where ever I am. I love being outside and didn't realize how much my soul needed the mountains and the ocean until I left BC to live in Ontario for 3 years. It was eye opening. I cried on my flight home as we passed over the mountains.

2. How were you introduced to ethical, sustainable and local fashion. If you use a capsule wardrobe, please touch on that :)

Having realized just how important the mountains and ocean were to me started me thinking how much I love living local. My husband and I didn't plan vacations to get away from here, we planned camping trips to explore our own backyard. With my love for supporting Families and local camping trips, it slowly emerged into supporting local moms who were opening their own stores in order to follow their own passions and still be home with their children. Then I just started learning more and more about how important it is to live a life where we make the smallest impact on our environment around us and focus more on making a bigger impact on the lives of others. 

My sister, Carla Thiessen, is the final and greatest influence in my life on living ethical and sustainable. Her passion for reeducating the way most of us see fashion is inspiring and life altering. 


3. How do you make shopping ethical fit within your budget? 

I was first introduced to the concept of "Fast Fashion" a year ago and it really started to make sense to me. The easiest and cheapest way I have been able to ensure I do not become apart of the problem is by doing most of my families second hand shopping at Thrift Stores. My secret is I don't bring my kids and I buy myself a coffee. I make it a treat and I take my time. 

I also have created a "uniform" for my children based on what they enjoy wearing. Each child has their preferred style and instead of hoping that my son will one day wear jeans, I just stop buying them and give into his desire to wear sweat pants and shorts. 


4. What tips would you give parents trying to switch their children's wardrobes over to more ethical pieces?

My advice would be to keep track of which clothes your children are actually wearing in their wardrobe and then just getting new sizes in those clothes from an ethical source. For example, my son doesn't wear button up pants and my daughter wont wear pants that aren't leggings. But my son loves shorts and T-shirts and my daughter loves dresses and skirts. So I now only buy them the things they love to wear. 

I also buy them clothes a few sizes bigger than they currently are. This helps them last longer. dresses and skirts and shorts last a long time. My daughter has had a few ethically sourced dresses for a few years now that she started wearing at age 3 and now she is 5. 

5. How do you talk to you kids about fashion if they want a garment that doesn't fall into your values as a family?

My children are 5 and 6 and they are started to understand a lot more of what life is like outside of our little bubble here in the lower main land. I talk to them openly and honestly about who makes our clothes. I don't go into too much detail but they do understand that we just want to leave a small imprint on our world. I mostly talk about how we want to support that little guy. But in all honesty, my children don't really ask too often for clothes, it is toys that catch their eyes. I am now starting to do some research in that whole relm. 


6. What are some of your favourite shops? (this could be thrifting, ethical, or local!)

I am a huge fan of Bibles for Missions Thrift Store, Once upon a child, Value Village, and Unika for second hand Clothing and furniture/toys/books. My favourite small shop clothing stores in our area are Little and Lively/Kindred Clothing, Jax and Lennon, Haven Kids Clothing, Bella and wren, The watermelon tree, and I am a huge fan of antique shops. 

I am still trying to figure out an ethical way of buying shoes..... second hand shoes just don't work well for me anymore. I would love some advice. 

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