Happy Monday friends! I am so excited to have a friend share about local fashion today on the blog! If you follow her on instagram (and you should be, wink wink) you'll know her passion for local fashion IS STRONG. you can check out a previous post she wrote about local fashion here

Happy Monday friends! Today Shana from Life as Wife and Mom is talking about local & ethical fashion. You can check out another post she wrote about local fashion here.


1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Shana and I have been blogging for just over a year at Life as wife and mom. One of my first passions when beginning was local everything. I was absolutely inspired by all the local talent we have right here in the Fraser valley. 


2. How were you introduced to ethical, sustainable and local fashion. If you use a capsule wardrobe, please touch on that :)

After going to every single local market that came up early last spring, I was hooked on becoming more aware of where our goods are made and especially the type of clothing my children wear. In the last year I have switched their closets to include ethical, locally made apparel, I'd say 95% of their closets reflect this. Local is my top priority as you can see the immediate impact it makes on a family, a local family.


3. How do you make shopping local & ethical fit into your budget?

In order to keep ethical shopping affordable, I shop warehouse sales and markets. Warehouse sales are awesome because they are clearing out last season items or discontinued prints. At markets you can see in person the fit and they usually have market pricing. If buying new, I buy larger to ensure my boys live in the items longer. Yes this works for any age. I had a romper I had bought when my son was 6 months old that fit him right up until he was 17 months old. I also sell items we grow out of on buy and sell pages. 

4. What tips would you give parents trying to switch their children's wardrobes over to more ethical pieces?

It takes time! You aren't going to make the changes over night. I have taken a lot of time researching brands and talking to owners. There are actually a lot of local brands out there that don't have ethical practices, meaning they source their material from unethical factories or they bring product in from overseas that they are putting their stamp on. If you are going to spend money on local made goods, do your research. 


5. What are some of your favourite shops? (this could be thrifting, ethical, or local!)

O man there are so many brands I love! My top favorite are Haven Kids and June Isle, both are made locally in Abbotsford. I also have a huge love for NoppyHem, they source their shirts from a Canadian manufacturer and then get them screen printed or embroidered locally. 

As you can tell Shana does a lot of research into brands! Her boys are the cutest and the photos she shares of them are seriously goals. Make sure to give her a follow over @lifeaswifeandmom


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