Materialistic goods used to rule my life. Not noticeably, it never put us in a bad financial spot & my closet was never over flowing onto my bedroom floor (unless I just didn't put my laundry away haha). But shopping was a part of my everyday life, looking up the latest trends and sales online, wandering the mall to refresh my seasonal wardrobes & always wanting to make sure I wasn't outfit re-wearing. I mean I'm sure all the people at church would totally know if I wore the same outfit two sundays in a row. ( insert eye roll here. I'm not that important.)

This is where my love of capsule wardrobes was born from. Realizing that I really had better things to do and more adventures to go on if shopping wasn't filling my days. When I found out I was pregnant with Damian I really wanted to use a capsule wardrobe to keep from overspending and having loads of clothing take over his room. Through my desire to have a capsule wardrobe also began a new way of shopping. Actually knowing where our clothes came from. I love to support local brands & I really prefer to touch and feel clothes before I purchase so you'll see Damian in a lot of a few local brands. However, I shop from overseas too by researching factories & the values of the companies I am purchasing from. I believe all people deserve to work in a safe environment where they have a voice & are treated like human beings. Every human has value, no matter where they live. Being born into a country like Canada doesn't mean we are worthy of better treatment than people born in China, India, ect. 


I'll be the first to admit that we are not perfect at having only ethical pieces in our house. First of all there is the cost factor & at times not being able to find exactly what we need from an ethical brand. This is why we focus so much on capsule wardrobes. Damian has a pair of nikes that were bought new and a three other pairs of shoes that we bought second hand, none of them ethical. But we work hard and resist the desire to purchase him shoes just because they are cute. We purchase only when he needs them.

Speaking of cost. How can we afford so many local pieces on a single family income? For me, like everything else it comes down to our budget. I do two big shops one in April for Summer & one in late August for his fall & winter clothes. I look through colours, prints & sizing from a few brands and I create a seasonal wardrobe for him. I also ensure to take a look back over our previous season's items so that if he still has three t-shirts that fit, I am not purchasing unnecessary items. We save money monthly so when I go to do the shops we have a little fund already waiting for us.


My three favourite kids brands are Jax & Lennon, Little & Lively and North Kinder. Damian wears mostly Jax and Lennon through the summer as their shorts fit him so well and I'm a sucker for their shorties. As the season changes you'll see him in lots of Little & Lively leggings and pull overs! 

Damian's summer capsule wardrobe;

3 pairs of shoes ( Nikes, water style shoes & converse) 

3 tank tops

3 t-shirts

5 pairs of shorts (from winter)

5 pairs of leggings ( from winter)

3 hoodies & 2 pull overs

1 shorts romper. 

2 long sleeves (from winter) And no, I don't do laundry all the time, I do laundry every Friday! 


Thanks to Shana from Life as Wife and Mom for taking these adorable photos.