Okay friends, so I know this is a little late! I was planning on sharing what I was packing in my hospital bag before Demetrius came, but I was just so tired I wasn’t feeling up to it! I thought I would share now anyways, I know a lot of people pack light, but I’m not one of them haha.


I knew that we would be in the hospital for at least 72 hours because I was having a planned c-section as well as having my tubes removed so a #1 priority for my bag was food! (if you know me, this will not come as a surprise haha)

  • beef jerky packages

  • instant oatmeal

  • cliff bars & kashi bars

  • 6 pre-made meals. (burrito bowls, chicken drumsticks ect.)

  • pop tarts

  • chips

  • those tuna & cracker snacks

  • mio for Josiah

For clothing I packed Josiah 3 outfits.

& for myself…

  • 4 nursing bras

  • 3 nursing nightgowns

  • two dresses (just in case I felt like feeling human)

  • two pairs of underwear, but lets be serious I lived in the mesh ones provided.

  • my mascara, bronzer, bb cream, and eyebrow powder


For Demetrius, I packed the following

I also packed the easy lactose enfamil formula in single packages. With Damian we had to top off with formula as he was loosing so much weight, but with all of our dairy allergies I wanted to make sure we had one that might fit Demetrius’ needs better.

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