TRUSTED FRIENDS : The other week, I was had the biggest melt down. I was tired and exhausted and felt so stressed about everything I needed to get done and catch up on. I left Damian with Josiah and went to my bestie's house to drop off some baking sheets I had borrowed off. OF COURSE - when you're having a hard day and you see your bestie - tears is what comes next. The thing about trusted friends is that they validate your feelings, give you a hug, offer you a cup of coffee and their spare room so that you can read in peace. They don't trash your husband or have a pity party with you, that really doesn't help. Find some trusted friends who will just love on you.

DATE NIGHT : I know how hard it can be to leave your littles ones at home in the care of somebody else. I get so nervous leaving Damain for work with my MIL - I mean she already raised three children, yet I still get so nervous. Beyond leaving him for work, I feel guilty leaving him to go out with Josiah, but to have a strong relationship you need quality time together. YOU NEED A FRIGGIN DATE NIGHT. Budget for a sitter, call in a favour, call your MIL and go for a date. It does not need to be fancy, just coffee and a treat can be so budget friendly and allow for some great conversation. 

ALONE TIME : Am I starting to sounding like a crazy person? I only have one little babe running (well more like crawling) around our place and I can barely get a few minutes to myself that aren't allocated to my business, blogging, laundry or packing a diaper bag. But it is so vital to have time to breathe and just relax. The other night, I took a bath at 12:30 am, the house was quiet and I finally could. I think my husband thought I had gone mad. Maybe you could schedule yourself alone time a bit better than me haha. But take some - 15 minutes of quiet is good for the soul.

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